Small Dog Bowl Ocean Teal

Small Dog Bowl Ocean Teal

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This is honestly the best bowl you are going to get. It’s tough, great size, easy to clean. Just the perfect all rounder. No worries about dropping and smashing into a million pieces like ceramic. No worries about smells getting into the material like plastics, throw it in the dishwasher. Stainless steel is the best! Now it is here and customizable. PERFECT GIFT! 

- Dishwasher safe 

- Non-slip rubber ring on the base to keep it in place

- Holds up to 6 cups of water / about 1.4 Litres 

- Made from stainless steel double wall to keep temperature for longer

- Puncture resistant for travelling/chewing

- Food safe (BPA free)


Dimensions: 18.5cm diameter x 7.5cm high