About Us

G’day and thanks a bunch for having a look at our site. We are super proud to show you what we have been busy perfecting since 2015.

I started Coopers Collars in the little town of Emerald, Queensland to raise money for my local dog park. It wasn’t so great and with the help of my friends we ended up donating over $8,000.

I was pretty stoked about this and later when I got to thinking about how we could make our own dog collars. We set out at our very first market where we handmade dog collars for customer, on the spot! Can you imagine?

We quickly worked out we needed to make them at home and set about turning the farm into a bit of a dog-collar making factory (thanks family and friends, again!).

Fast forward to today where we have over 25 colours to choose from and over 6 different standard sizes. We still make all the collar by hand but source our materials from Australia and the best from around the world.
What you will love about our product:
· Waterproof
· Easy to clean
· Durable
· Long lasting
· No smell
· Great for dogs with sensitive skin
· Heaps of colours to choose from
We use stainless steel hardware and Australian coated webbing strapping so you know it is a top-of-the line premium product.

We have recently also started our equestrian line “Bracewell Equestrian” which uses the same strapping and stainless steel hardware too.

Keep an eye out for these famous faces,
· World high-jump champion “Nimble” from AWDRI @awdri_nimble
· Husky Sled Dog Team @howlinghuskys_sleddogtours
· Goose from @aussiedogguy
· The gorgeous models from @johowellphoto


Well, what are you waiting for? Find out what all the fuss is about and when you’ve picked some colours, order online at cooperscollars.com.au or send us an email at crdun1@gmail.com if you have more questions. 

Give your dogs a big hug from us at Coopers Collars,

Carolyn, Jeff & Taylor