Other fun products you should discover…

Love our products? Here are some other’s I have come across or been recommended by friends and family.

Pram stroller - so fun! 



Biodegradable Baby Wipes - cheaper than anywhere I’ve found in the supermarkets. 



Donut pillow - If you know someone who is about to have a baby JUST GET ONE. Even one for the house and one for the car. Don’t ask questions, if you know, you know. This is the best I’ve found. Life saver for the car especially. 



Pet Crate - highly recommend for puppies, so handy for travelling, vets, in the back of the car if you have a hatch/wagon. I use these allllllll the time. At dog shows, visiting family/overnighting in pet friendly motels. Endless uses. 



Pet Clippers - my local vet recommended these and I haven’t looked back. Perfect for buzzing out the dread locks that are just too hard or matted to get with a brush. Especially after adventures in the dam. These are the same clippers my vet uses prior to surgeries when just getting little patches off. They are rechargeable and low noise. I don’t shave my dogs as a rule but these have been super handy to have on stand by for those times when the brush doesn’t cut it. 




Drink bottle bag - recently got a Stanley cup for a friend of mine and this bag as a matching accessory. I think she liked the bag more than the cup! So many fun colourful choices. And fits the Kmart $15 version too. No one will ever know! 



Puppy Heartbeat Toy Soothing Snuggle Plush Doll Sleeping aide for Dogs. I'm keen to try this out, could be a good transitional toy for new puppies.