Collar and Name Tag
Collar and Name Tag
Collar and Name Tag
Collar and Name Tag

Collar and Name Tag

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This is where you pick how many collars with stainless steel laser engraved name plates you would like. They come as a package already put together for you, the name plate on the collar that is, what we need you to do is tell us what size and colour you would like. 

You can pick any colour, you can pick any size XS-XL for this offer. 

Stainless Steel plates are laser engraved, as this service is not on our farm, there can be some delay in shipping as we do not drive into town every day. 

These items are shipped via Australia Post standard shipping. We charge you what it costs us, $9.20. 

Neck Size guide:

XS 26cm-36cm (16mm wide)
Small 30cm-40cm (16mm wide)
Medium 36cm-46cm (25mm wide)
Large 44cm-54cm (25mm wide)
XL 51cm-62cm (25mm wide)

This offer does not include 'big dog' 38mm (inch and a half) wide collars. 

Pricing structure: 

1 = $45 can be purchased individually 

2 = $85 save $5

3 = $125 save $10 on purchase price and eligible for free shipping 

4 = $160 save $20 + free shipping

5 = $200 save $25 + free shipping 

6 = $240 save $30 + free shipping

7 = $275 save $40 + free shipping

8 = $315 save $45 + free shipping

9 = $355 save $50 + free shipping

10= $390 save $60 + free shipping holy moley you have a lot of dogs